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Git Cheat Sheet

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Đây là một số lênh cơ bản của Git để các bạn có thể tra cứu. Vì có nhiều thuật ngữ chuyên ngành và mô tả ngắn gọn nên mình sẽ không dịch sang tiếng Việt.

Thông Tin Quan Trọng

Git DirectoryThe .git directory is where Git stores the metadata and object database for the repository
Working DirectoryA copy of one version of the git project, taken from compressed database in the .git directory
Staging Area/IndexFile that stores information about what will next be committed into the git repository

Thiết Lập

git config --global "[name]"Sets the name you want attached to your commit transactions
git config --global "[email address]"Sets the email you want attached to your commit transactions
git config --global color.ui autoEnables helpful colorizations of command line input

Tạo Repositories

git init [project-name]Creates a new local repository with the specified name
git clone [url]Downloads a project and its entire version history

Tạo Thay Đổi

git statusLists all new or modified files to be committed
git diffShows file differences not yet staged
git add [file]Snapshots the file in preparation for versioning
git diff --stagedShows file differences between staging and the last file version
git reset [file]Unstages the file, but preserves its contents
git commit -m "[descriptive message]"Records the file snapshots permanently in version history

Nhóm Các Thay Đổi

git branchLists all local branches in the current repository
git branch [branch-name]Creates a new branch
git checkout [branch-name]Switches to the specified branch and updates the working directory
git merge [branch]Combines the specified branch’s history into the current branch
git branch -d [branch-name]Deletes the specified branch
git remote add [remote-name] [url]Add a new remote git repository as a shortname
git remote -vLists all remote git repositories

Thao Tác Với Tập Tin

git rm [file]Deletes the file from the working directory and stages the deletion
git rm --cached [file]Removes the file from version control but preserves the file locally
git mv [file-original] [file-renamed]Changes the file name and prepares it for commit

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Bỏ Qua Thay Đổi

*.log build/ temp-*A text file named .gitignore suppresses accidental versioning of files and paths matching the specified patterns
git ls-files --other --ignored --exclude-standardLists all ignored files in this project

Lưu Các Thay Đổi

git stashTemporarily stores all modified tracking files
git stash save [message]Save local modifications to a new stash
git stash popRestores the most recently stashed files
git stash listLists all stashed changesets
git stash showShow the changes recorded in the stash
git stash dropDiscards the most recently stashed changeset

Xem Lại Lịch Sử

git logLists version history for the current branch
git log --follow [file]Lists version history for a file, including renames
git diff [first-branch]...[second-branch]Shows content differences between two branches
git show [commit]Outputs metadata and content changes of the specified commit

Khôi Phục Các Thay Đổi

git reset [commit]Undoes all commits after [commit], preserving changes locally
git reset --hard [commit]Discards all history and changes back to the specified commit

Đồng Bộ Thay Đổi

git fetch [bookmark] [branch]Downloads all history from the repository bookmark, optionally specifying branch
git merge [bookmark]/[branch]Combines bookmark’s branch into current local branches
git push [alias] [branch]Uploads all local branch commits to GitHub
git push [alias] :[branch]Deletes remote branch
git pullDownloads bookmark history and incorporates changes
git pull --rebaseDownloads bookmark history and incorporates your changes on top of remote changes
git rebase --interactive --autosquash HEAD~NSquash N last commits
git cherry-pick -n <sha>Cherry-pick a commit
git revert -n <sha>Revert a commit


git blame [file]Show what revision and author last modified each line of a file
git bisectUse binary search to find the commit that introduced a bug


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